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Half Day Trip

Our Most Popular trip

Our Most Popular Trip

Our half-day trip starts 7 miles upstream from our Milltown base and showcases upper Blue River. You will be transported to our private location on the river by bus to our private ramp.

Sit back. Relax and enjoy all Blue River offers including rapids, islands, sand bars, nature, wildlife, and springs.

As you near the end of your trip, you will see the Milltown Bridge and our take out ramp on your right. Once the ramp is visible, head there. The dam is only a few hundred feet further. Your trip concludes at our base and where your vehicle is parked.

River Conditions

This trip will take between 3 and 4 hours. Time varies based upon river conditions and your personal pace. You may take longer to fish, swim, and picnic with in the banks of the river. However, you must return before 8 PM. Sightseeing varies based on river conditions and time of year.

*If river conditions and water levels allow, 1 child ages 3 (and at least 30 pounds) to 12 may ride in the middle of canoe free.

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 Half Day
 3 - 4 Hour Trip

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Half Day Rates

Plan Ahead and Save!

You can save money and help protect Blue River by visiting on non-peak days.

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**Prices listed are per person. Each canoe must have 2 paid paddlers. If river conditions and water levels allow, 1 child (ages 3 (and at least 30 pounds) to 12 may ride in the middle of canoe free.


FULL DAY, 14-MILE trip is only available on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, water level and weather permitting.

   April, September & October

Save BIG on weekends in April, September, and October. Regular rates apply on Labor Day weekend. View our seasonal calendar.

   Group Pricing

Have 10 or more people? Group pricing is available. Requires advanced reservation.

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Canoe or Kayaks?

No special skills needed

Two-Seater Canoes

Canoes are a great choice for pets, large coolers, or extra gear since there’s room in the middle. With ideal river conditions, weight limit is around 500 pounds.

More Freedom. More fun.

Kayaks have become an increasingly popular way to experience Blue River. Kayaks allow you to be the master of your own destiny, conquering rapids or floating leisurely at your own pace. With a small storage area for a personal size cooler, they are designed for those who can travel lite.

We offer both “sit in” and “sit-on-top” one person kayaks (Jackson Rivera’s, Oldtown Vapors and Twisters). Sitting lower on the water means that a kayak is harder to tip over than a canoe. They are the best option for lower water times. Weight limits range from 275-375.

Sit On Kayak

Kayak Sit On Detailed Graphic

Sit In Kayak

Kayak Sit In Detailed Graphic

Kayaks are just $12 extra per person than a canoe.

We Haul

We can shuttle you and haul your boat. Our haul fee is $22 per craft.

Common Questions

  • What To Expect / Digital Visitors Guide

    Cave Country Canoes introduces you to a few tips and tricks that will be helpful in making your first canoe or kayak trip even more enjoyable.
    Take a moment and review the next few pages and then get ready to float your boat on the beautiful Blue River, Indiana’s first designated scenic river.
    We look forward to seeing you on the beautiful Blue River soon.
    See our Visitors Guide

  • What time should we arrive?

    River Conditions

    Times may vary due to rising and falling water levels. Always call ahead for the best departure time. We operate on Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

    Departure & Return

    We open at 8:00 am.
    Buses depart every 45 minutes for the half day trip, with the last trip departing at 3:00 pm. You must return before dark.

    • Half-day - Please be here by 2:30 pm to catch the last bus out.
    • Full-day- Check with the reservations team or our website for dates available.
    • You must be here by 10:30 am and ready to depart behind our gift shop by 11 am, you must be finished with your trip by 6 pm.
    • Our last shuttle back to your car is at 6 pm. Late arrivals are subject to a $20 per person per hour charge.
  • Can we bring our preschoolers or infants?

    Age 3 and 30 Pounds

    Children must be at least 3 years old and weigh no less than 30 pounds. Our smallest life jackets are for 30-50 pounds.

    If you have a child that is three years old or older and does NOT weigh 30 pounds, then you must furnish a US Coast Guard approved life jacket.

  • Can we bring pets?

    We Love Pets

    Bring your four legged friend, but keep them on a leash. Once you get into the canoe, you can take your pet off the leash and enjoy your trip. Never tie a pet or person to your canoe or kayak.

  • When's the best time of year to come?

    June & July

    Most people prefer water levels that are not high and swift, making June and July the best time for most trips. Saturdays are our busiest days,
    followed by Sundays. Weekdays are usually slower.

    We are open daily May through August and weekends only in April, September, and October. For additional hours and river conditions , call 812-633-4806, ext. 2

  • What class rapids are on Blue River?

    Mostly Class I

    Most of the rapids are Class I, the easiest to maneuver. This makes Blue River an excellent stream for family canoeing.

    Here are the average drops by trip. A larger drop means you will find faster current.

    • 7 mile trip - 2.2 feet per mile
    • 14 mile trip - 4.2 feet per mile

    In the spring, when water levels tend to be the best, there are several Class II rapids on our full-day 14 mile trip on the lower river section.

  • Can we leave our keys in the office?

    We Cannot Hold Keys

    We don’t hold keys but you may rent a locker at Cave Country Canoes. The cost is $5.00. If possible, avoid taking key fobs. If you must, key fobs should be stored in water tight containers or floating key chains and attached to your self or boat.

  • What's the fishing like?

    Fishing Is Good

    Blue River is noted for its smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, channel catfish, and flathead catfish. Indiana fishing regulations apply.
    Licenses are required for those 17 and older.

    DNR Division of Fish and Wildlife Info:

  • What happens if it rains?

    Cave Country Canoes will operate rain or shine. We do not offer refunds for inclement weather. We do understand guests may not want to paddle in the rain. In the case of prepaid reservations and group deposits, when forecasts predict a 70% chance of rain or greater, Cave Country Canoes will allow guests to transfer their trip to another date. We do not offer refunds for inclement weather.

  • What if I am on the river when it storms?

    Cave Country Canoes will operate rain or shine. However, if you are on the river and there is lightening we ask that you pull over off the water and wait for the lightening to pass. Once the lightening has pass you may continued your trip.

  • How many people can ride in a canoe?

    Generally Two

    There are two seats in a canoe, so 2 paddlers are ideal for a canoe. If water levels permit, a child under 12 may ride in the middle of the canoe on a cushion, sometimes 2 small children. The weight limit is 500 lbs in ideal water conditions.

    Kayaks are a great option for groups with an uneven number of people.

  • Where can we stop and get out?

    Sandbars or Islands

    You are only allowed to stop on sandbars or islands. The majority of the land along Blue River is privately owned.

  • What does your pricing include?

    The Necessities

    We provide the following:

    • life vests
    • paddles
    • a litter bag
    • a map
    • an opportunity to view an instructional video
    • transportation from the operating base to the “put-in” and/or “take-out” location
  • What kind of boats do you rent?

    Several Brands

    We are a large outfitter with over 500 canoes and kayaks.

    • Old Town Discovery 158’s (15’8” long)
    • Mad River Journey
    • Paluski
    • 17 ft aluminum canoes

    Kayaks Available

    Kayaks have become an increasingly popular way to experience Blue River. We offer both “sit in” and “sit-on-top” one person kayaks.

    The cost to rent a kayak is slightly higher. Due to increasing popularity, kayaks can now be reserved by phone.

    Weight Limits

    We have Jackson Riviera’s, Oldtown Vapors and twisters. Kayaks are the best option for lower water times.

    • Canoe, 450 - 500 pounds
    • Jackson Kayak: Kayak: 275 - 325 pounds
    • Vapor Kayak: 275 - 325 pounds
  • What else is there to do nearby?

    Marengo Cave

    Marengo Cave, a U.S. National Landmark, is only five minutes away. Your family can enjoy two outstanding cave
    tours, pan for gems at their gemstone mine, shop for unique gifts, or squeeze through The Crawl.

    Check out our Nearby page for more ideas.

  • Can I bring my tube?

    Tubes and boards are not recommended on Blue River. We won’t prohibit them, but we want you to enjoy you trip.