Closed for the season, open April 7th 2018

When a half day of fun just isn't enough.
Our full day upper and lower river trips have enough excitement to last all day.

Lower RiverUpper River

Full Day Trip

This full-day trip begins in Milltown and takes you through 14 scenic miles of lower Blue River. Once you’re ready, head behind our Milltown base. Once out back, our friendly staff will help you safely into your canoe or kayak.

Sit back. Relax and enjoy all Blue River offers including rapids, islands, sand bars, nature, wildlife, cave views, and springs.

Around 5-7 hours later, you’ll spot the take out ramp on your left. Once you have completed your trip, we’ll have a bus or van ready to pick you up based upon the pick-up time you chose earlier.

Canoe on Blue River

River Map
The 14 miles trip covers lower Blur River

river map