Open everyday for the 1/2 day, full day is closed!

When a half day of fun just isn't enough.
Water conditions determine whether we are running the 14 mile or 12 mile Full Day.

[Lower River](/trips/full-day-14/"(chosen)Upper) River":/trips/full-day-12/

Full Day Trip

This full-day trip begins upriver from Milltown and takes you through 12
scenic miles of upper Blue River. When you’re ready, you will be
transported by bus or van. Once at the river, our friendly staff will
help you safely into your canoe or

Sit back. Relax and enjoy all Blue River offers including rapids, two
islands, sand bars, nature, wildlife, cave views, and springs.

After 5-7 hours, as you near the end of your trip, you’ll see the
Milltown Bridge and our take out ramp on your right. Once the ramp is
visible, head there. The dam is only a few hundred feet further.

Kids Swimming in Blue River

River Map This 12 mile trip covers upper Blue River.