Open April 21st & 22nd 1/2 day only

Adventure for the masses.
The more people you bring, the more fun you have, and the more you save.

Feeling more adventurous?
Kick it up a notch, and go cave exploring!

Experience Marengo Cave’s Underground Adventure along with a half day canoe trip down Blue River.

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Canoe or kayak? Which is right for you?
With more information, we're confident you'll love your decision.

Canoe on Blue River


Relax, sit back, and enjoy scenic Blue River with your fellow paddlers.

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Two Happy Ladies in Kayaks


Venture ahead or linger behind; make the river your own. Conquer the rapids. If you aren’t sure, just have your friends rent the opposite of you and switch out on the river to enhance your paddling skills.

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