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Indiana's First Scenic River
Almost 100 miles of natural beauty, abundant wildlife, and recreational opportunities.

Blue River

The river flows from its headwaters, northeast of Salem, to its junction
with the Ohio River near Leavenworth. It is fed by more springs than any
other river in Indiana as it drains one of the state’s largest cave
areas, including near by Marengo Cave.

The video to your right follows two canoers as they experience the
wildlife, rapids, and abundant scenic beauty of Blue River.

Prior to 1969, when the first canoes were rented, Native Americans and
pioneers used Blue River as a means of transport. Some of the first
settlers established grist mills on the river including the one at
Milltown where Cave Country Canoes is now located.


Considered Indiana’s cleanest and highest quality stream, wildlife
abounds: great blue herons, turtles, deer, otters, ducks, crayfish, and
more. It is home to several endangered species including the hellbender,
one of the world’s largest salamanders.

The river is also a superior small mouth bass fishery. Perfect for
enjoying nature, fishing or canoeing through the Class I rapids.

Learn more about otters, hellbenders, and herons

Turtle Warming on a Rock


The river is controlled by the Blue River Commission, which limits
access and development along the river corridor. Because of limited
development in its watershed, Blue River has been spared environmental
problems that have plagued other Hoosier rivers.

Cave Country Canoes works with
The Nature Conservancy, the Blue River Commission, and others in an effort to maintain Blue River’s
quality recreational opportunities for future generations.

Girl and Her Dog Going Canoeing