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Help the Hellbender

Posted on October 26, 2012

Help the Hellbender!

“Whether you live near the Blue River or just like visiting it, chances are you think that it’s a pretty special place. The hellbender salamander thinks so too. Unfortunately, a number of habitat and water quality concerns threaten the health of the local places that we know and love. By learning about the hellbender, the surrounding environment, and some simple steps that make water cleaner and safer, you can make sure that the Blue River continues to be a great home for people and giant salamanders alike.

Everyone can do something to Help the Hellbender. On this website, you will find information about the hellbender, as well as household and farm management practices that can help keep the Blue River clean. People who fish and kayak can also learn what they should do if they see one in the wild (hint: you shouldn’t eat them!)."


Want more info?

Check out the Facebook page or the youtube channel!



Photos, text, and etc courtesy of Purdue Extension Office.