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The Blue River Basin

Posted on July 03, 2012

The Blue RIver Basin

The Blue RIver Basin is a karst system lying in Harrison, Clark, Crawford, Washington, and Orange counties. The area supports rare karst glades (which are found along Rabbit Hash Trail) on the surface as well as numerous caves and underground springs and rivers. These cave systems deliver oxygen rich water to Blue River to help support not only the above ground ecosystems but also the rare cave invertebrates and unique species such as the northern cavefish and Indiana bat. Blue River itself is home to significant species of freshwater mussels, the elephantear mussel is an important one, along with many others and is the last remaining river in Indiana that is home to the Hellbender Salamander.Blue River is the heart of all of these ecosystems and rare plant and animal communities. The health of the river affects the health of the cave systems, the surface communities (glades and woodlands), as well as the people that live, work, and play in this area of southern Indiana. Blue River is an amazing part of the Indiana that should be cared for, respected, and enjoyed by everyone.